10 tips on finding joy and happiness

10 tips on finding joy and happiness

We all wish that we were happy all the time, that one moment we want to grab onto and wish would never end. Though sadly there is no magic remote control that will rewind time and let you live in that moment again, the only things like that is movies and music. Don’t be discouraged though.

For there is something even better than happiness out there, Joy. A joyful life is one that has your best feelings cup overflowing!!

Sometimes when people look at other people, or read a blogger’s post, or sees a beautifully laid out Instagram page they begin to think “wow that person sure has their life together. I bet it’s perfect.” These could not be more wrong!

I do not have all my crap together and have a far from perfect life. But that is what makes life exciting, crazy and worth living so you can enjoy the ups and the downs.

1. Complain less:

I know this is hard to swallow, even for myself but it’s true! The less you complain and the more you focus on working with and being grateful for what you received will not only make you less stressed and happier but will also show your strength against adversity

Now I’m not saying be a push over because if something really is unjust, then calmly talk it out and maybe you’ll find a common ground that suits both parties.

Sometimes we even need to take a step back and think, is it that big a deal to get in an argument, complain or even a compromise over? Sometimes it’s hard for us to tell a mountain from a mole hill and vice a versa

2. Breath:

Breathing exercises always help me ground myself when I’m scared, anxious, trying to get to sleep, or even just out of breath from running around.

Breath in for three seconds, breathe out for four seconds and repeat till you feel like you’ve got your bearings back. Look around for two things you can see, three things you can hear, and four things you can touch and say them to someone you know, or to yourself out loud.

3. Look for the light:

Even In our darkest, most stressful, challenging days there is light. It could be all around you, but you just have to take a few ticks out of the crazy day and look around and realize all that you have and how soon that the stressful time will be over.

I call those rough times trial periods, God puts his children through trials to test their faith, bless them with something bigger and better than what they were wanting or needing. God puts us through trials to help us grow as people and grow closer to him.

God is the light at the end of my tunnel, and I know that I’ll always be able to rely on him for my strength, guidance and protection.

4. Remember, it could always be worse

You could be battling Ebola in a third world country and no way to reach your family. Boom, it could be as bad as that or you could be disabled or paralyzed. But even people who are like the later 2 have figured out how to live their lives to the fullest, and have had pretty joyful lives.

You want to be inspired today? Check out this guy:  Nick Vujicic a man born with no arms or legs, but can do almost anything a normal person can do.

5. Workout or take a walk:

Exercise is always bbetter for the head, heart, and body in more ways than you’d think at first thought. A good workout or a simple stroll will help you clear your mind if you’ve been stuffed inside all day or are about to make a very important decision.

Whenever I’m doing art work, homework, or just need to walk my dog. I feel wonderful after a walk, even in the snow and ice I come home with a new motive, idea, or a clear head ready to work!

6. Think less for yourself and more for others:

If you’re a parent this should usually come naturally since you are thinking about what’s best for your children and family. But it is harder for single people and mainly college students since these are the years that most of us only have to look after ourselves.

7. Think less defensively:

Don’t always think in a defensive way where you have to prove something or you need to be right all the time. Not only will this grind people’s gears, but it will also give them a bad impression of your character.

How would you want others to see you? Argumentative, stubborn, has a chip on their shoulder? Or understanding, compromising, compassionate, and respectful?

The way to combat this is to start thinking of ways that could be beneficial to each other

8. Choose to be joyful and happy:

It is your choice everyday to be happy or be bogged down no one can make the decision for you. When you wake up in the morning think about something that you can’t wait to do, and once you’ve done that thing think of the next and so on.

But it helps to be joyful and helpful while you’re preparing to do these activities.

Work, hobbies, time with a significant other, cooking, sports, rest, even cleaning can be things you can look forward to joyfully. I know I’m a whole lot happier when the house is clean,  I feel organized and can do my work without getting distracted by the mess.

Share some of the things y’all are thankful for in the comments below and ways you want to be more joyful.

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