Step 1 
Laying the Foundation

The first step is completing the Custom Commission Form above & sending Michelle any reference images or inspiration pictures. If there is more than one image that you want her to reference then you can email them to her with your name and phone number to:

Once we are fully aligned with your creative vision, we can then agree on a price point! Once the first payment is made, your spot is saved in Michelle's painting queue.



Step 2
Painting a Clear Image

Once the first half of your piece is paid, we can then set up a 30 minute video call appointment between you & Michelle in order to get to know each other on a deeper level & go over the information and images for the piece. Afterwards, Michelle will start the creation process of your painting!

If requested, she can first create a concept sketch to present to you for approval. Once you approve, she will start painting!



Step 3
Unveiling the Masterpiece

Once the painting is complete, we will reveal a high resolution image of your new painting! After the piece is fully dry, we will then carefully package your new painting & coordinate all of the shipping arrangements. Your artwork will then be on its way to its new forever home with you!