Meet the Artist


Michelle Young has been creating art ever since she could get her hands on a crayon. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, she grew up in a very adventurous and occasionally chaotic environment which only boosted her creativity and imagination of the world. In the early years of her education, she was tested positive for ADHD and Dysgraphia, school was hard but art always was available to her. She never felt incomplete or was hindered when creating art; because of this it became her outlet to forget her disabilities and find her place in the world. 

Today she has been in four soon to be five exhibitions: Entry exhibition Burton spring class of 2018, SRISA international school in Florence, Italy summer exhibition 2018, Chaoi Belle Exhibition UNT gallery fall 2018, teachers choice exhibition fall 2016 in the Lightwell gallery, Junior exhibition 2019, The 30 under 30 contest exhibition at the Greater Denton Arts Council fall 2019, Full circle exhibition fall Cora Stafford Gallery 2019, senior exhibition Cora Stafford gallery fall 2019.She has been in the french Christmas bazaar selling her art, and has taught numerous classes of adults and children on how to paint. 

Currently, she is commissioned to illustrate children’s story books, as well as Murals, painting people, landscapes and pet portraits by commission, all while writing a YA Novel series: Gear Heart which is now published on amazon. She is always open to new ideas and adventures, whether they’re out of the country, in her own backyard, or in her art.

There are a few things that I would very much like to study into more in the future for my art and just my own personal interest. Currently in my art I am combining human, ocean and galactic elements. I will for sure continue to dive deeper into these aspects, but there are other areas I’d like to venture out towards.

  • Elements: Id like to incorporate other elements other that water and the ocean for the environmental or emotional factor of my paintings. A few examples I’m currently looking into are: fire and candles e.g. How they burn/ burn out and how the wax melts and incorporating the figure in with these elements. The same can be said for flowers and possibly even gemstones or clouds. I’d like to incorporate different elements other than just the ocean or galaxy effect into my art towards the future and one of the best ways is to branch out with new inspiration like these.
  • Morphing: One thing that I love doing in my art and something that was actually an accident was the morphing of the human figure with a certain aspect of its surroundings. I’d like to see how far I can go in this aspect creatively. How many ways and things can I morph with a human tastefully? The number is infinite, however, I think I will start out with morphing the human form with elemental things as stated the point above this one.
  • Psyche: Seeing how the mind works and reacts to certain stimuli, even the unconscious mind during dreaming are some aspects I’d like to dive deeper into. Dreams in general and their “meaning” are quite interesting as themselves and to look into for art subjects. Dreams can be gateways into the recesses of our minds and may even allow us to learn more about ourselves than we thought we knew. Because of this I think that dreams and daydreams would be a wonderful subject to dive deeper into art wise.