7 ways to quit comparing yourself

7 Ways to Quit Comparing Yourself to Others:


Coming from an artist this is one of the hardest rules that any artist and other people try to follow. Not comparing yourself is always easier said than done and every-time you see someone with more money, or different talents, or even more followers on social media.

1. Blinders:

One of the best things you can do is to put blinders on to focus more on what you are doing and only when you do veer off and look at others blessings should you think good for them or even ask them how they got there.

You never know what kind of wisdom people can give you until you ask or look for it. Be focused not to others, but to yourself, only then will you see how much you have truly grown when you see it from your own work not the work of others. They had different experiences, pitfalls and wonderfully chances.

That’s why social media can be so damaging because people only see what you want them to see, the world won't know about your pain unless you tell them.

2. Improvement:

If you are going to compare yourself, then don’t just envy the other person or dream about what they have, work toward it.

If you put your mind to something worthwhile and work hard toward it, I promise you that you will earn it. And who knows, you might even get something even better that what you were wanting.


3. Remember your limits:

Other people work differently and at different speeds and skill than you. Some are fast, but make many mistakes, others are slow and are more careful in what they do.

Other people are able to work and think at a 95 pace from 8am to 3am, while others need multiple breaks throughout the day and are awake from 7am to 10 pm.

These are literal descriptions of two friends of mine, and they are both successful in their own way. They both have their problems, as well as their strengths; but they wouldn’t trade their circumstances for anyone else’s if it meant they weren't where they are today.


4. You never know what the future may hold:

It could be tomorrow, the next minute and a half, or next year that what you were envious about someone else’s life could be in your life. Some people pray greedily for things they want and God will either give it to them to teach them a lesson on why it was bad for them to have.

Or not give it at all because he has something a million times better in store for us. That’s one thing I love about God, he knows what’s in store for us and what he has planned will always be greater than what we were wanting by 100%. Who knows what’s waiting around the corner for you?

5. Be patient and prepared:

God tells us to wait on him for his will. Sometimes that can be the hardest thing we will ever do, wait for something we want to badly. Many times we are impatient And we try to take hold of the situation thinking that what we have on our timing will be the best possible option.

The story of Sara and Abraham in the Bible tells us the same thing. Sara wanted the children that God had promised her and Abraham so badly that she took the situation into her own hands. Sara ended up regretting her choice, so much so, almost to the point of hating herself and her servant she appointed to deliver Abrahams child.

But eventually God did give her the child she and Abraham waited so long for and it was her and Abrahams legitimate son. Only because she consented of waiting for God's timing after learning her lesson.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is remember why you should wait, think about how wonderful it’ll be once you receive what you were hoping so badly for. And to prepare for what you have to do to receive the gift and how to be grateful once you get it.


6. Count your blessings:

From a sunny day to getting a raise, you are surrounded by blessings you, just need to open your eyes to it. Your talents, your wit, even having your basic senses (see, hear, smell, taste, speak) are blessings because not everyone gets the chance to have them and use them.

When you look at all that you have and are grateful, then you will see that what you were wanting, doesn’t matter as much.


7. What good comes from it anyway?

Envy and jealousy can cause people to act out and hurt others, even their closest companions. It can make us think that other people don’t “deserve” such great things or people, but we have no idea all that they really did to earn what they got.

Comparing ourselves to others doesn’t seem to help anyone unless you take my advice from number two and work hard for it or at least be fine with imperfections and live life without dwelling on the subject too often. So if you won't work toward it, then try to accept your life for the way it is and be joyful about it, others may not be as fortunate as you right now.

This is why it's unfair to compare yourself to the model on the magazine cover, the football star who has the best play streak, or the artist who became world renowned.

You are your own messy, beautiful, and wacky story and it's up to you to keep believing in it and to look back once in a while to fully realize how much has changed in your life. Because only you know every minute detail that occurred since then until now.

So don’t live by comparisons since those only scratch the surface, don’t compare your story with another completely different person’s story. It’s hard for everyone not to compare, I believe it’s in our nature to approximate what we have to what others have.

We always seem to see that the grass is greener in someone else garden, but when that happens plant some seeds of thankfulness and give them room and love to grow and little by little I promise you will one day have a beautiful grand garden of life, and quite the story to tell ;).

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