Flow of Emotion

Abstract painting: flow of emotion

For those who are regular visitors, most of y'all have seen the hyper real painting that I had to do for my painting 2 class. Click here if you would like to see it.

So this project was the complete opposite of hyper realism, abstract.  Mine tended to be on the side of more non objective than anything else. And here it is:

This piece has a lot of emotion tied up in it because I've been going through a lot lately, so what more perfect place to pour those emotions out into than a painting.

Better yet an abstract painting has no real rules only guidelines, I'm beginning to love non objective abstract painting more and more because you can make it whatever you want to be. Even if you have no idea what it is at the end or what you are doing while you are painting it! {Me ;)}

More often than not whenever I paint, I get this feeling like joy and passion are literally pouring out of me and onto the canvas. That's why I love to paint so much because I can paint whatever I want or feel and let whatever I've been holding in, out. If you want to read more about finding your artistic or creative side check out this post!

This piece was actually even more colorful and chaotic at the beginning than it is now (if that's even possible) sadly I lost the picture of the first picture, but I believe it's still on instagram if you want to see how I progressed.

Stay tuned for more art and tips, I'll be posting the next sketches update soon(I wasn't able to post any pictures last week because I broke my phone on accident but I just got a new one so I'll be posting them soon.

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