How to craft realistic New Years resolutions

New years resolutions and how they should be used.

Four great milestones have happened in my life this past year (2017)

  1. I had my first art/craft show. (See below)
  2. I started this website and blog.
  3. I've been making and selling my art faster and better than ever before.
  4. I'm planning for my trip to study abroad in Florence Italy.

 craft show 1

craft show 2



I not the kind of person who makes new years resolutions, it's just hasn't been my thing in the past. Plus not that many of us, including myself (when I did make resolutions when I was a child) I would remember only one for the span of at least 6 months.

Last year I didn't have any resolutions either. I choose a word to live by and try to be more like. For example, two years ago I chose the word wise. So I listened to others stories and their circumstances, how they dealt with their problems and blessings. I also tried to be more calculating before I spoke and to make wiser decisions.

But this year I'll have a word and new year resolutions. My word will be adaptable, able to adjust to new conditions. To be able to be modified for a new use or purpose. So that whatever life throws at me and whatever God wants to prepare me for, I'll learn fill the mold faster and easier for his use.

My new year resolutions are:

  1. To complete 75% or all of my children's book illustration commission.
  2. I want to be in at least two more art shows this year.
  3. Become well acquainted with art galleries and possibly have my work hung.
  4. And for my blog, get 200 email subscribers, 800 monthly site visits, and by 7 months in begin affiliate marketing.

How Resolutions should be viewed.

It is nice to have new year resolutions, it gives you that eager feeling in the beginning and hope for the new year. But I think it's better not to think so highly of them or rely on them too much like they're a grade or strict rules.

"They're more like guidelines"

~Pirates of the Caribbean

Because what You may want today could be different tomorrow and I'm not talking about working out one day and then not feeling it the next. I'm talking about that job you've been wanting and fighting for, or the person you've been crushing on, traveling to far lands, or even getting a new house. It's smart to use new year resolutions as guidelines so that you will strive to be a better you.

Instead of thinking that once you attain those "guidelines" that your life will be complete or perfect. Because it won't,  we are humans, we constantly want something newer, bigger, or better. But these things will never truly satisfy us or fill that emptiness that we try to fill with things.

But God is the only one who can truly fill that emptiness and provide lasting satisfaction. Without God we will look to things of this earth that are not eternal and will deteriorate over time. God will never grow old or deteriorate and will always be there for you.

All you have to do is search him out and he'll meet you halfway.

I'm glad I could share with y'all what my resolutions were and what true satisfaction is. Write in the comment section what your new years "guidelines" are i'd love to hear from y'all. And don't forget to subscribe I'll be out with new content each week.

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