painting progress: hyper real sailing

Sail away painting

In my painting 2 class, our most recent project was to make a hyperrealism painting and I chose this picture of a sailboat a kind lady that I met at a craft show let me use. (Ma'am, if you are reading this and recognize the picture, thank you for letting me use this)

Sailing original photo

I was sick the week we had our first painting work day so I was 1 day behind and still sick when I went in to class the next class day. I was feeling terrible, but I surprised myself with how much I got done in the first sitting.

sailing progress beginning

The next time it only looked like I got a lot done, but it was just mostly the sky and the water. The last day that I had to work on this painting was last night (2/28/18) and I worked from 5pm to 3am at the school Studio.

At least I had the company of other late night painting students to paint with(till about 12 though). Near the end I was literally plopping on paint to cover up the final areas.

I was beginning to get to that state right before painters hit the wall where the color hue doesn't matter as much as covering the open spots with paint, haha.

Then the next morning (today 3/1/18) was critique day, boy was I nervous I worked so hard a fast the night before I barely remembered what the painting looked like! But the class loved it and said that what I did (coming in sick and staying up till 3am) was worth it, because it looked amazing! I nearly cried.

sailing progress finished

So now that we have a weekend break to prepare for the next project. I'm going to take a well deserved rest day to sleep and read. Goodnight all!

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