Ten tips to cure your creative block

Ten tips to break your creative block!


You want and need to write, paint, practice, and work, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it! Funny thing is while I was preparing this post, I had writer's block as well! My mind was fully focused on the day that had just happened and I couldn’t write worth a lick. So I turned on my music and began a different section and the words just began to pour out.

Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned from personal experience and other people as well, about breaking artist and writer's blocks.

1. Listen to different radio stations.

Sometimes you need to listen to different kinds of radio stations, podcasts, and interviews. You can learn things from all sorts of people of every walk of life, you just have to be willing to learn and to open your mind to the possibilities of psychology, theory, tale that the speaker is talking about.

Find a podcast or station without judgment that might be able to help you think in new ways. This will help your mind venture out, keep a notebook or sketchbook nearby and write down anything and everything while you go. You just might surprise yourself at what you can take away.

2. Pinterest.

In my last post 10 tips to become a more successful artist,  I talked about how to keep a collection of pictures, drawings and other art forms and why they are important. Well, for me a big help in finding inspiration (and for getting sidetracked, let's be honest) is Pinterest. I even have a board titled Inspiration, and one titled Scenery to Paint

All I have to do is scroll through the pictures and illustrations I’ve compiled over time and all of a sudden I get this uncontrollable urge to paint or draw and I usually know exactly what I’m going to do. So start compiling a group(s) or content that makes you think, question, and yearn to create!

3. Music!!!

Music feeds my passions and my body in a way food can’t, some days I don’t ever want the music to stop and others I enjoy the silence.

Listening to literally every kind of genre of music out there can give you a kaleidoscope of different emotions and attitudes. Thus, you can put into creating your work.

For example, you could use Wreak Havoc by Skylar Grey to write about the solder hitting the ground running from the dilapidated building in a war zone with gunshots firing off around the corner.

Or you could use petite suite: I. En bateau: ballet by (one of the composers) Claude Debussy, to paint a stunning garden villa where there is a whole party of people dancing in their traditional celebration attire. These and countless others come to mind when I hear my most beloved tracks and scores.

That’s the beauty of it, music helps me daydream and in those dreams I have come up with some of my best writings and art pieces. So open your mind and ears to the possibilities.

4. Random Magazines

You see them in the doctor’s waiting room, coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, even the supermarket has magazines.

There are some truly good reads in magazines still today that isn't all lies and drama, there are still some that exist that cause you to think like national geographic (one of my all time faves).

One genre I really admire is art magazine is Where Women Create, it shows successful female artists in the art world of different crafts and mediums, talking about their careers. Some of the stuff that they have talked about makes me think "I should try that" and when I do It's really cool and fun.

5. Take a Walk or go workout.

I do this a majority of the time when I'm in an artist block or just needing a break from my art for just a few minutes.

It's healthy to get away from your art throughout the creation process so that after each break you can have fresher eyes and be able to see mistakes and areas that need something extra.

Walks provides this rest and quick refresher that is often needed to see things in a new light that were once hidden in your work before.

6. Go outside and just draw or write!

Sometimes you've got to take the bull by the horns and face him up front. This is probably the most heads on tip in this list because you have to force yourself to make something up.

It doesn't matter if all you are doing is drawing simple trees and hearts, or writing she sells sea shells alliterations. You are creating something and eventually you will think if something cool to create and the rest will soon hit you as well.

You just have to make yourself start working, even if it's nonsense.

7. Take a good nap and drink tea or coffee.

You could be sleep deprived, or just need time to think or dream, naps and tea time are wonderful. As stated in tip number three, daydreams (and dreams in general) are where I've come up with some of my most beloved paintings.

Sometimes on my art days I just lay down after a period of not working and took a nap. Whether it was 20 minutes or 2 hours, when I woke up I just began working straight away and finished something beautiful.

Though our society tells us to be continuously connected, moving, and working. It is not healthy, or required of you to constantly be on your phone, laptop, or at work. We were given a day of rest for a reason and as human beings, we need it so we won't self combust. So put the phone away, clear your mind and think on your own. Sometimes all you need to think clearly is to get away from that helpful little glowing screen (that may not always be so helpful).

8. Make a list of the things you Like and dislike.

I'm a list person, I love making them for ideas, travel, and business. But also for things that I am most passionate about, which includes things that are loved and hated.

Looking back on them from time to time allows you to to remember the things that used to normally inspire you. It's cool to see the growth and if anything you once loved is now on your dislike list.

Plus looking back on the old lists might bring back a memory of why you felt that way and you could use that fuel to create something.

9. Look up a new genre of book, article, or blog.

One thing that I hope has really resonated with you is that you sometimes need to step out of your normal boundaries and preferences to get creative and get work done.

Just by reading one sentence, chapter, or a whole book from an eloquent author can inspire you for your next creation. For example:

“Increasing every moment”

“The mists were rolling away from his feet in huge wreaths, which gradually, as they became thinner, received and transmitted the rays of an evening sun, and were lighted up with a golden and crimson radiance, glorious to behold, and increasing every moment in splendor.”

“Book Review: ‘Calavar,’” The North American Review, 1835.

This quote could help you make a misty scene with delicate light rays filling through it illuminating the fog. There's no telling what will inspire you even the simplest of words can have a great effect over your creativity.

10. Research different kinds of Creatives.

Illustrators, authors, composers, painters, fashion designers, ect. The list goes on and on, but one thing is for sure, there are constantly inspired. And if you dig deep enough, if it's not completely clear what inspires them,  then you'll definitely get a surprise and maybe even look into it more.

You might even be inspired by what inspires them if you do your research. So venture out, and find different creative's and talk to them if you can, who knows what might come from it!

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