The Worth of your Words

Word Worth Not Word Count

I've already written and published one book by now, Gear Heart. I am currently on my second book in the series and am nearly done with the rough draft. However, I keep running into a recurring problem when I write. I try to tame it, I try to ignore it and tell myself that what I have done is enough, but the lie still looms in the back of my mind. 

I have developed a bad habit in believing a lie that many other writers get stuck believing as well. 

The amount of words I write in a day/writing session determine their worth. 

This is a very unhealthy habit that my friends, fellow writing buddies, and myself fall victim to if we are not careful. Now bare with me, I am not saying that it is better to write less, or shame those who can kick out 15k words each day (if you are reading this and are the type of writer to do this, yes I am jealous at the sheer will and talent you have to do this.) However, what I want you to take away from this post is this: be happy with what you do write. It is enough.

Easier to read it than to do it right? Well, I am right there with you, but each time I write I fight to do better with a more forgiving mindset. 

There have been days where I have written around five to six thousand words, and other days where I write one sentence. Sometimes not even that, just one word and my mind instantly taps out. And yet almost every time, I find myself in a state of insatiability- I just want to do more. 

Note: This is really my creative side speaking here, the one who wants to write, paint, sew, sketch at all times every day and usually all at once despite whether it's noon or four in the morning. I never have enough time for it all and I know you can relate. 

Something very important to keep in mind when you write. You could write the next greatest line of literature in history that could be known in every household. That one great sentence or phrase could be only a few words and be the only thing that you write for that day. Then the very next day you could write out eight thousand words and down the line you may not use or end up hating all of it. The same situation could happen vice versa as well. 

Some of the greatest stories in history are short, and yet their worth is endless since they carry such a great meaning for society to learn from. Whilst others have created epic novels that, sadly, few may actually read. Or a writer crafted their story purely to make money and didn't take the time to truly care for their plot, or the development of their characters. The latter has less worth because of the effort that was put into it is lacking, along with what people were able to draw from the story. You want to make an impact as a writer, a creator, an author? The worth of your words speaks volumes compared to the word count the story itself has. 

Make sure you are writing a story that you would be proud of, not just one to fill a quota or make an income. Write because you need to, not because you purely want something out of the title of being an author. Although it is a lovely title indeed, it's your words themselves that do the talking, not your title or how much money people see you make off the books. 

Tips to help:

  • Do I like the way my story is progressing?
  • Am I able to show the meaning behind my words without repeating myself too much?
  • Look away from that word counter and think instead what could make the story better.
  • Remember, you can have multiple drafts of your book to add and subtract from your story. 
  • It doesn't have to be perfect the first time, great works take tender loving care.

Keep fighting to remind yourselves and I will do the same! Your word count does not define your stories worth and impact that they will have on the reader. 

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Now I am off to write!




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