Gear Heart Characters: Aspen Wolfe

Aspen Gear Heart

I'd like to introduce to you:

Aspen Wolfe. 

Here are a few things you may not be familiar about her yet:

Favorite food or drink: Tea of any kind, (she can get into addictive tendencies when it comes to tea.)

Favorite color and color and accessory: Lavender but loves to wear forest green, and her favorite accessory would be a new creation that appears to be a wide bejeweled wrist watch. It's face can flip open to expose a mini recorder embedded into the band while the back of the clock is a camera. The jewels are actually a mixture of sleeping pellets and smoke pellets that explode on contact when let loose from the watches band. When in an emergency the watch can be taken off and inside the band are picks for locks and a small sharp file. Deemed by Lori and Keagan one of her most ingenious espionage gadgets yet.

Favorite past time or hobby: reading or tinkering on her inventions like the one mentioned above.

Favorite person(s): Aspen dearly loves her little sister Lori and relies on her partner in crime on things like getting enough sleep and remembering to eat a meal. Basic human physical and mental health to say the least.

Passions: Aspen dearly loves the dimies and to invent things, but a little known fact about Aspen is that she adores silk dancing. Her cousins, Harry and Emily that were in the circus taught her and Lori how to manipulate the silks and it became their favorite thing to do when the sisters lived with their cousins. 

Fears: Besides her fear of Aunt Mae, Aspen is afraid of failure, so much so that it keeps her up at night or torments her dreams with nightmares. Whether it's her job as a sister to protect Lori on their runs at night, getting the dimies home and fulfilling her fathers dying wish. Or sustaining a healthy relationship with a certain playboy.

Aspen Wolfe Gear Heart

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