Keagan Myrack: Gear Heart series

Keagan Myrack Gear Heart book

I'd like to introduce you to:

Keagan Myrack

Favorite food or drink: a nicely aged red wine, and he loves Winona's pork tenderloin. 

Favorite color and color and accessory: midnight blue is his favorite color and he loves the sword after learning fencing and broadswords at boarding school in London.

Favorite past time or hobby: aside for flirting with a certain inventor. Keagan loves to make runs across the city at night with Aspen and Lori. He was always adventurous and has seen many parts of the world but when he is running over rooftops and bashing dimie bots while running from the constables. He has never felt more alive. When he see's all the dimies that he has helped it warms his heart even more when he gets to know them better as well.

Favorite person(s): Winona, Aspen, James Adlene, Lori, the dimies, Miss, Masie, Charles, Thomas, in that order. 

Passion(s): adventure, the idea of a family and someone to love everyday. Also keeping a house that is full of life, he is quite tired and put out by barren households. 

Fears: abandonment, Keagan has felt alone for most of his life and the only real family he's aver felt wasn't even his own blood. With a great threat that is kept secret by him, he will do what ever it takes to keep it hidden so his new found growing family can stay with him.

steampunk Aesthetic Keagan

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