Lori Wolfe: Gear Heart series



Lori Wolfe Gear Heart

Introducing Lori Wolfe:

Aspens younger sister by a year and yet loves to play mother hen since her big sister often is so focused on her work she forgets to care for herself. 

Favorite food or drink: Pastries! Lori adores fresh, flaky, gooey, juicy, warm pastries. She can be quite particular in choosing the best dessert to eat however. But if she had to choose, her favorites are tarts filled with fresh berries and cream that are nice and warm. 

Favorite color and color and accessory: Lori is a spring and can be a summer if she wishes. Lori adores mauve and pink, and if fabric flowers or ruffles are included then she loves it all the more. Her gadget of choice would have to be her blade projecting fan, beautiful and unassuming and yet fatal.

Favorite past time or hobby: Dancing and meeting new people. Whether it's ballet, ballroom, or just dancing around with the dimie children. She loves to keep moving and has a tendency to get fidgety when she has to sit for long periods of time.

Favorite person(s): Lori dearly loves her big sister Aspen and relies on her for things like staying hopeful and confident. Aspen reminds Lori to be brave. Unless men are involved, then Lori often needs no push to be confident and flirty around them.

Passions: Lori dearly loves the Idea of raising a family one day, which is why she adores the dimie children. As mentioned before Lori loves to dance, she even had dreams of being a great ballerina when she was a child. However, she chose to help the dimies get home over helping herself to the stage. 

Fears: Lori has problems with anxiety and fear, it's mainly centered around her sister and new found family. She has seen first hand her sister Aspen get hurt and nearly die, and it terrifies her. Lori wishes for peace, but fears that she will never obtain it with the current system of their society and how dangerous their profession as slave liberators is. 



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