Why I chose to become an artist/ creative

Why I chose to become an Artist.

As I was growing up, art was there from the very start. When I was sick, I made art with some sparkly butterfly stickers my brother gave me (I made a butterfly with the butterflies). Whenever we were stuck going on errands with our parents I was always sketching and doodling. Even in high school when the other students were bored in art class and just wanted to go home, I always wanted to stay and keep painting. That last one should have been a big red flag for me, but I never really caught on till two years later.

It never helped that my parents would tell and ask me constantly " Now Michelle, you're not thinking of becoming an artist right, they don't call them starving artists for a reason, it's nearly impossible to make it as an artist, only world-famous artist a can make it out there.".

They always stopped me from thinking that I could make it as a full-time artist, Being an artist never truly left my mind or my heart, I would always tell myself that whatever I was going to be an artist on the side of being a marine biologist full tie so that I could paint what I saw in the ocean.

Deep down I always had art as a focus point in my career, I could not not do it. I just didn't realize it till freshman year of college when I was spending all my time studying for biology and math classes, I had no time for painting or any real art I was down and out. So at the end of the year I decided to transfer out of Collin college to study art and business  at the University of North Texas. (UNT is the best ranked art school in Texas).

So fast forward to sophomore year and I am in a constant battle with God and Satan. Satan was constantly trying to discourage me, telling me I'll never make it as an artist and I'll end up all alone.

Well any time that happened I became so anxious and scared I felt like I was trapped. Each time I had to call on God to chase the demons away and help remind me why he put me in this in this art school, to become a great artist.

Sophomore year was a tough time for me, but by the summer I was doing art like crazy.  I painted every day and I couldn't get enough of it!

Fast forward again to today

Now I am a junior and I am more sure of my career and my strength and God than ever before! Anytime I even get a bad thought of future I go straight to God and he tells me everything will be OK and I just trust in him.

I now have this website and blog, my first craft show experience, study abroad in Italy this summer to study art, commission for illustrating a children's book, more sales and commissions than ever, an Etsy shop, and the chance to make art every day.

I think back a lot and know that if I had quit during sophomore year and pursued another degree for security and money I've never experienced any of this and I've never regretted my decision. Through the years I've learned to stand strong in your faith and not on your own understanding. Trusting God, for He has a plan for the future because he's already been there.

So don't spend your time worrying, worrying is only a waste of the time when you could be preparing for the future. And whenever you think of quitting or even starting something go through this list below, it'll help you with your decision.

  1. Remember the reason(s) you began in the first place, and why you are willing to take the risk.
  2. Have people told you that you would excel in it, or are they saying that it's impossible.
  3. Have you prayed about this?
  4. Has God been led you on this path for a while towards something?
  5. Have you dreamed of trying for years but don't know when? hint start preparing and begin as soon as possible!
  6. Have you really given 110%, or are you giving up after putting in half your effort?
  7. Are you giving up after your first failure? So many great people in history stuck to their guns and went through hundreds of failures. But they kept going, and despite what you may think you can keep going as well.
  8. Are you in it because you are passionate about it, or are you only in it because you want money?

People who are In it only for the money in the artistic field and quite frankly any other career field will be seen as insincere and they themselves will soon realize that without passion what is all that money good for? Because it's true, money can't buy happiness.

Passion and true hard work pays off, because those are the real tools for success that are available for everyone!

What is something you've always wanted to do or try as a hobby or profession and what has been stopping you from trying? Tell me in the comments below!