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  • Connecting to your Readers as a Writer

    Connecting with readers as a writer/author is a powerful way to create a meaningful impact and build a loyal audience. When you establish a genuin...
  • Self-Publishing vs Traditional:

    How I decided to publish my book.

    Sorry I can't give y'all a one word or one sentence answer.

    If I do, I think it would be an injustice to all my fellow authors and aspiring writers who want to publish their book babies in the future. 

  • The Worth of your Words

    I am currently on my second book in the series and am nearly done with the rough draft. However, I keep running into a recurring problem when I write. I try to tame it, I try to ignore it and tell myself that what I have done is enough, but the lie still looms in the back of my mind. 
  • Artistic hunger

    Finding your passions and fueling them in the right direction. Have you ever had that feeling? That burning rushing of inspiration and passion to ...
  • Ten tips to succeeding as an artist

    Do you want to shape your future, like an artist molds clay? Then you've come to the right blog! Every young or newly budding artist can tries to ...
  • How to craft realistic New Years resolutions

    New years resolutions and how they should be used. Four great milestones have happened in my life this past year (2017) I had my first art/craft ...
  • 7 ways to quit comparing yourself

    7 Ways to Quit Comparing Yourself to Others: Comparisons Coming from an artist this is one of the hardest rules that any artist and other people t...
  • Ten tips to cure your creative block

    Ten tips to break your creative block!   You want and need to write, paint, practice, and work, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it! Funny ...
  • Empathy is key in business

    Empathy helps people relate and connect to each other, which means it’s a vital key in blogging. If you can’t connect to people you have very little chance of growing and audience.